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Wednesday, August 23, 2017


A couple of years ago, I was lucky enough to take my Restorative Yoga Teacher Training in London with Anna Ashby & Chris Swain. We spent a lot of our time looking at stress and how it affects our bodies and minds. It was a transformative experience, as since then, not only have I been teaching Restorative Yoga but have used their "life" tools to adopt more of a Restorative Lifestyle. 


If we look at life from the perspective of Ayurveda, we need to address all things to achieve optimum health: our sleep patterns, our waking hour, our diet, the type of movement we enjoy, the type of liquids we drink etc. etc.


Since my Restorative Teacher Training, I've met inspiring individual's who have further signified the importance of a Restorative Lifestyle. 


Stress, as we all know, is becoming the root cause of our health problems. Long term chronic stress is resulting in disease and depression. We know that from Restorative Yoga, it takes approximately 12 minutes for the body to move out of the stress zone and into the rest and digest state (or the healing place, as I like the call it). With this in mind, it's important to understand that the transformation from "stressed" to "relaxed" is a slow journey. In contrast, fight or flight has the ability to turn on in a split second. It can be triggered any place, at any time, regardless of whether it "suits" our day or not....


Since understanding how quickly fight or flight can be triggered, I've learned that it's important to think about what could be triggering it's powerful effects. Food, drink, lifestyle - these things can all contribute towards the stress response if we are unaware. Thanks to the wonderful folk I've tagged below, I've been able to live a more Restorative Lifestyle.


1) Nutrition. 

In order to keep our bodies calm and happy we need to eat foods that don't require a large stint of energy to digest or process. Caffeine, foods in high sugar and sweetener send fight or flight signals to the brain, as they are all stimulants. Thanks to nutritionists Donna Valaskova and Ally Potrebka, I've learned ways to keep my digestive system calm and happy. Ally is running a "ditch the bloat" programme at the moment, centred around creating a lifestyle that encourages better gut health and less stress. You can check it out here: Ditch The Bloat.


2) Ayurveda with Angela Inglis.

Last year, I was lucky to meet Angela Inglis, programme leader of the Yogacara Global Teacher Training, Ayur-Yoga & Ayurveda programme. Angela's long standing career and passion as a Ayurveda Practitioner rings true in her training programme. Having studied with Vasant Lad, renowned Ayurvedic Practitioner, Author and Teacher, her sensitivity and intelligence towards creating a more balanced and healthy life is inspiring. 

You can find out more about her services here:



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