Winter Cleanse: Re-charge Your Batteries

Sunday, December 11, 2016


This week, I've been thinking about mental health and how we can look after ourselves. 


I'm sure you'll agree; that at some point during the day, stress creeps up on us. Whether it's the traffic, or that we've simply got "too much" to do, we start feeling anxious.  


Anxiety is draining.


At times, after a busy day, we can feel totally depleted. But! There are lots of wonderful things available to help re-charge your batteries. Yoga, Meditation, Dance & Massage......the list is endless.


However, it's unrealistic to think that we have time for these everyday. So, I've put together some suggestions on how you can recharge your batteries at home.


1) Breathing. 


Breathing in the bath is even better!


When we take time to notice our inhales and exhales, life slows down. In turn, we become more aware of our thoughts and can begin changing our perspective. Water is very calming too. Warm water helps relax our muscles and mind, bringing us into a deeper state of peace. 


When you find yourself feeling nervous or anxious, take long breathes through the nose. Count to 7 as you inhale and 11 as you exhale. After 5 or 6 rounds you'll start to notice things calming down. It's a chemical response in the body that only happens through controlling the breath. So stick with it and you'll get back to normal soon enough. 


2) Nature.


The second most powerful thing is getting outside and connecting with the Earth. As "hippy" as it sounds, nature helps us recharge.


Standing barefoot on the grass, looking at beautiful flowers, watching the sunrise or taking a walk through forests. Mother nature offers so many beautiful experiences. Perhaps it's the idea of connecting with our roots..... who knows.


3) Screens. 


Gosh, where do I start.....


Laptops, computers, televisions and mobile phones - they all emit a strong "blue light" which wires the brain to stay awake. By working late into the night, or scrolling through Facebook before bed; our quality of sleep is compromised.


Create a curfew! Something like "no screens after 9pm". Instead, grab a book and some herbal tea. Relax and before you know it, you'll have drifted off into dream land.


Hopefully, these things will help recharge your batteries!


Much love,




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